The tenK RAIS® PV System is the highest density energy producing system for flat roof or ground mount systems in the industry, meaning more kWh per square foot of space.

 More energy generated 
with a low cost system means the overall cost of energy is reduced, providing the most potential savings from your roof.



The solar industry has undergone dramatic improvements in technology and reductions in pricing. The combination of those two factors has finally allowed Solar PV to become a financially viable, low risk investment.  

If you're concerned about ever-increasing electric rates, call now to lock in your electric costs  for the next 25+ years.  Install a state-of-the-art solar PV system and start saving today.

Interested in saving money on heat?   Preheat the air coming into your building. 

Explore our LUBI product.

Chippewa Valley Alternative Energy in Chippewa Falls, WI offers solar photovoltaic installation and solar thermal hot air installation in Chippewa Falls, WI and throughout the Western WI and MN region.

Chippewa Valley Alternative Energy

Redundancy in design allows energy to be produced where conventional PV fails.  A full metal backsheet provides 10,000 times more water resistance, while also serving as thermal heat conductor for lower operation temps.  Low voltage means less degradation to module material.  It all stacks up to the industries' best warranty.


No roof penetrations while withstanding 120MPH winds.  Modular design allows system to be easily integrated with existing roof features like cooling units. Shade tolerance and no string matching means better performance and quicker installations, saving you money.

 Modules immediately stop producing power upon system disconnect.  Ground fault interrupt eliminates risk during installation. Low voltage operation eliminates risk of fire caused by arcing. Insurance companies love this PV.



MARCH 2014

110 KW system installed by Pure Power Systems, read more here

April 2013

New partnership

We're excited to announce our partnership with Novel Energy Solutions of Rochester, MN. We look forward to working with a great team of professionals.



tenKsolar solar PV systems

highest roi

January 2014

4MW system installed

TenkSolar announced completion of a 4-megawatt (MW) DC solar power project in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.

The ground-mounted installation was developed by Ten K Energy, designed and constructed by groSolar, and is owned by a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Services.